Five Steps To A Better Relationship

Relationships are something that you have to work at, just like you work at keeping yourself healthy through exercise and also going to your job every day! Some people may think that a relationship shouldn’t be any work, however you get out what you put in to your relationship. Below are five crucial steps to maintaining and enhancing your relationship! Whether you are married or dating, these skills are essential!

Five Steps To A Better Relationship

1. Responsibility

Many people blame their unhappiness as a result of someone else’s actions. ‘I’m unhappy because he was late’ ‘I’m unhappy because he went out with his friends rather than me’ and so on! This is a deflection of responsibility and instead of blaming your unhappiness on your spouse, look to yourself! The biggest thing here is that people treat you the way you want to be treated. So if you abandon yourself, abandon your own feelings, then that is why your partner is doing it as well! Learn what you are doing to yourself and take responsibility 100% instead of blaming your partner!

2. Stop trying to control

Often times when couples argue they want to be right – it’s a matter of win and lose however this is not the way to go about things! Rather than making it a competition in an argument where one wins and one loses, it should be about listening and learning! Stop trying to control the other through anger, blame, or compliance, instead listen to your partner and listen to yourself. When you learn what you are really arguing about and why you can diffuse the situation and move on!

3. Make time for each other

Since marriage, children, jobs, and friends take up so much time it is hard for couples to really spend quality time with each other! In the beginning of a relationship the couple would go out on dates so take some time off and schedule it with each other!

4. Stop complaints

Both men and women are equally guilty of complaints and it creates a very negative energy between two people. Instead of pointing out where someone fails and complaining about something, why not turn your gaze to something positive! The «attitude of gratitude» is essential and will create a world of difference.

5. Treat others the way you want to be treated

It is often said that you teach others how to treat you and it is very true especially in relationships. Not only do you need to learn to treat your partner with the kindness, respect, and acceptance that they deserve, but you need to treat yourself with that as well! Once you begin doing this your partner will reciprocate and your relationship will flourish!